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Monday, March 19, 2007

Those Shoes are Made for Walking

I love to walk.

I have always loved it.

Back in the Belgian suburbs, I walked a total of, well--quite a bit--from 1996, when I started university, till 2004, when I returned home to Ghana.

Rain or shine or snow, I would walk some twenty minutes from our house in Overijse--some fifteen minutes drive from the city of Brussels along the E411 Brussels-Namur motorway--to the train station at La Hulpe. There, I would catch the 8.33/9.33/10.33 train to Etterbeek train station up until 2001, when I would begin to go further to the train station at Schuman--the heart and cacophony of what is now the 27-member European Union.

Those were the days!

Today, I still love to walk. Given thatI live literall ten minutes drive from work--including mild traffic--I rarely get the opportunity to walk to my heart's content.

I find walking liberating, exhilirating, and humbling. It's a great source of inspiration. Now I understand where Aristotle's peripatetism, where he taught students,a nd conducted discussions by walking up and down, comes from.

Walking gives me time to think after a hard -- and sometimes dull -- day's work. As it offers me that opportunity, I find that I have been thinking about a lot lately, wondering about being "the change you want to see", that Mahatma Gandhi--that quintessential pacifist who ironically lost his life to the bullet of an assassin-- advocated.

Thing is: I'm in a fix.

Here's me wanting to get my driver's licence this year, knowing the necessity to look for a car will soon loom. Yet, here is me ALSO wanting to reconcile the ability/necessity to walk against polluting the atmosphere further.

What to do?!!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here's a Thriller for You--Part III: Man on Fire! It's March, Already!

Not that I would wear clothes and sport a pen like that--nor the fact that I even remotely look like this guy(;-)), but the expression on his face is akin to what I'm wearing. Or about to wear tomorrow, as it's a new month, a Friday, and very close to two more holidays (6-7 March) next week when the nation celebrates Ghana's golden Jubilee year!

Posting threatens to be sporadic--but not if I can help it.

I really wanna get that darned book going--and I guess no better time than the present to start looking at it!

Hope you're all well?

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