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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Reason for the Absence, or a Moment of Parenthesis

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I don't want to belabour the point of having been away for so long, but I swear, I WAS lurking...

The picture above, I think, speaks volumes about how busy I am pretending to be:-) Clocks everywhere on my desk, with my watch lying quietly before my desktop clock. Wanted no restrictions to my hand so that I could type away freely.

Must say that researching for an article has got to be one of the most exhilirating experiences. Back in my university days, I used to cringe at research; now I realise the training was oh-so-necessary.

It still doesn't mean it HAS to be fun!

The picture is also a reminder to me that I can post pictures online with a quasi-spontaneity now that I have downloaded -- thanks to Europe Palm Website -- my Palm Desktop v.4.1.4.

I guess you just gotta watch this space, baby.

Toodle pip...

P.s. {Note to self...-Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a pauper...}

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Now you know why.

Monday, June 27, 2005

The UK Angle & Sex Blogging

If a week is a long time in politics, in the blogosphere, it's like, what, aeons?

It's been too long, and I hate to disappoint the few quite loyal readers that I have -- viz:(New Age Harlot; Anchored Nomad;Laura the Tooth...) Hey, we can't all attract an audience of hundreds;-)

Incidentally, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Daniel Hoffman-Gill, whom I recently met on the blogosphere, for having linked me.

I first came across his very peculiar and interesting site when he emled me regarding a comment I made on Psycho Soccer Mum's post on racism. Actually, she had posted something written allegedly by one Andy Rooney--to which she appeared from her comments to support explicitly and whole-heartedly.

The issue, for me, is pretty much dead and buried, but it did cause some controversy, followed by soul-searching, and some elucidations, which made me arrive at one conclusion: we are all, to a large extent, prejudiced in some way or another--and it doesn't necessarily come from upbringing all the time.

Like, I hate people who abuse power to profit, and I dislike the current US administration, and I hate those people who have never gone beyond their parochial worldview by travelling, yet see fit to castigate a culture that was there before their time.

Things like that. Oh, and I hate spiders too, but it's odd that at the age of 28, I am now mustering the courage to kill them without flinching. I can even squash the small ones with my hands now, and wash my hands thoroughly with Dettol(R) afterwards:-) be serious for a second, I think what I learnt from that episode above was that there arer many "shades of grey" around. Doesn't make it right, but changing the world never was an easy task!

Daniel is a writer, actor, director.

Sitting here in a now-rainy Accra, Ghana, makes it rather difficult to see some of his shows;-) Based on his commentary and people's comments, they sounded, as the Brits say, like a blast.

I'm rather perplexed, however, by the number of women asking for boobies and porn. I mean, WTF? Talk about role-reversal!

I enjoy Daniel's site because of the variety. From his private life to dare-I-say-it porn, to his strong convictions on race and whatnot, his is the way to go! He's a top bloke, really.

To boot, he's British, and I do not think that I have hidden my affinity for the Brits (my secondary school education, my love for BBC Radio Four, which I listened to all the time back in Brussels on LW198; other BBC programmes, and last but not least Eastenders which is a soap that has been running since 1985) , what with their legendary fair play and all.

I have always felt and believed that if it is true that the US rules the world, the Brits certainly rule the waves--both sea and air!

watch this space for more profiles...

On another note, I'm not quite sure where to start with Sex Blogging.

Let me put it this way. I started this blog in February. That's exactly the same month my girlfriend/significant other whom I am crazy about in a bad way started sleeping with each other. Before then, my sex life was a non-event.

Despite this public admission, I cannot even begin to write about sex on my blog, or my encounters; I just don't have the guts. Instead, I derive vicarious pleasure from reading the following. Let me preface the list by saying that none of these--bar one--has linked me. But I think the laws of the blogosphere are such that by hook or by crook, you'll get noticed somehow...



I understand WHY ther haven't linked; I am not a sex blogger, and maybe what I write is of no interest to them. Fine. But, like Laura the Tooth, variety is truly the spice of life, hence one reason why you will find that she has linked to existentialist theory and Foucault!

Yes, you read right.

There's no surprises why she's called the "Thinking Pervert". Her moniker says it all, and she deserves all the kudos as I feel she actually puts a lot of thought into what she writes, and that, for me, is the essence of blogging--in particular about sex, cos personally, much like watching porn, it just becomes oh-so nauseauting.

Homily over. Here's the list:
The Unknown Naughty Girl--a site I like for its honesty and the interaction of Joey Madison--as she calls herself. Besides, Joey almost always seems to be in a good mood, and that definitely always makes my day!;-)

Virgin Slut, who is also quite erudite,and who equally can interact with her readers. Her posts are interesting in the sense that she actually provokes some serious food for thought and gives readers respect by asking for their opinion

...and many more, which will be continued.

Hunger is taking the better side of me, so I will stop here and have my late lunch.

Thanks for all your wisdom; I shall be expecting comments!!:-)

I was never big on humility.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Empowering Yourself to Succeed

An interesting article I came across from Job Market Weekly newsletter I was subscribing to when I was looking for a job. Funny how these newsletters contain useful gems even when you think you've fallen out of the categorary of "unemployed". Don't working people sometimes take their jobs for granted? Maybe it's just me, but I do get that impression...

I'm also posting it in the wake of Laura the Tooth disappearing for a week to do her mundane things, like working and paying the bills....

I have put in bold some of the priceless gems that West touches on. I do not think they are unique to her; many other authors have touched upon it over the years/decades, but to have someone from the business world, which I am not, pen it in this way makes for a refreshing read.

Don't make me bug you to comment, please...:-)

By Christine M. West, The Business MD

All people need to provide some means to pay their bills and maintain the lifestyle they have created. Therefore, most all of us must go to work.

The question is: do we work to live or live to work? What motivates us at work? It is interesting to note that money is not always the prime motivator, nor is fear.

Turn over is expensive for companies, as is change in management teams and company restructuring. Everyone deals with change differently. Change in life is inevitable, but how do companies manage that change?

Psychology plays a tremendous role in the business world. Human behavior is more complex than just seeking rewards or avoiding punishments. Human motivation has a deeper cause and a more profound purpose.

When a person desires to engage his or her talents and realize one’s true potential in life, this is called self-actualization. Once a person is self-actualized, he/she is in a position to follow his/her calling. A leader needs to lead, a manager needs to manage, an engineer needs to engineer and salesperson needs to sell. If these needs are not met, the person feels on edge and lacking something.

Maslow's Heirarchy

One of the challenges in the current business world (regardless of the industry) stems from the fact that management teams are often managing employees as though they are seeking rewards or avoiding punishments instead of accurately understanding what the needs are of each individual. Clearly, each person is an individual and is motivated by different incentives. However, most organizations do not allow a person to reach an individual’s highest potential.

Another challenge in many organizations is that management teams use the word "empowerment" too loosely. If an employee is empowered to do his or her job responsibilities, then that employee needs to be allowed to be creative and think out of the box and be allowed to make decisions. Many management teams do not take the time to evaluate individual behaviors, instead micromanaging the employee. This creates a parent-child relationship in the workplace. Most employees would be more productive if management teams managed as an adult to adult. Adults communicate to other adults; parents control children. When employees are treated as adults, this boosts moral and creates true empowerment.

We spend a lot of our time at work and it should be a positive experience. Some people have been living in a world that always told them what to do. This makes life easy for them. They never let themselves discover their weakness or failures, not to mention their strengths. One can learn from self-actualizing people what the ideal attitude toward work might be under the most favorable circumstances. These highly evolved individuals assimilate their work into their identity of self, where work actually becomes part of the self and part of the individual’s definition of self.

It is easier for each of us to be who we are instead of working towards being something we are not. This is true empowerment.

Christine M. West is the President and owner of The Business MD, LLC. She created the organization through the embracement of life, turning perceived failures into successes while rising to her destiny. The elementary ingredients that produced The Business MD encompass
Christine's professional background, blending together business, technology, sales, counseling, psychology and a splash of spirituality.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

43 Things or Six Degrees of Separation in Mufti?

If you ever believe in the idea that we are all interconnected in some way through the number six, then you might find 43things (below) interesting. I finally found out that the 43 is about cheering that number of people who have registered on the site to do better in their goal of what they would like to do.

Here's an actual entry (minus the avatars, etc) from the site:

Entries from everyone:

41 things
Wow! — 2 days ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

It took a bit of figuring out. But I’ve given 286 cheers in total to 220 different people.

Jun 04, 03:53PM PDT | 0 comments

23 things
Good goal — 2 days ago
And if you believe in “what goes around comes around” or “karma” or whatever …. could be fruitful as well.

Jun 04, 12:46PM PDT | 3 comments

30 things
Don't Stop Now! — 5 days ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’m just getting started . . .

I’ll continue to CHEER on others when I see goals that I want to offer my support & cheer to . . .

Let’s ALL keep up the good work!

A Southern Belle’s Musings

Jun 01, 07:11PM PDT | 0 comments

43 things
as of today... — 3 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’ve given 450 cheers. Wow. And it feels really good.

May 14, 12:57AM PDT | 5 comments

33 things
Great Fun — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I think this is absolutely the best way to explore 43 things and see what other people are doing, encourage them and maybe even get some ideas for yourself!

Apr 27, 12:56PM PDT | 1 comment

33 things
Enough for now — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I will continue to use all my cheers but I think I’ll stop posting them and mark this goal as complete.

Apr 27, 12:55PM PDT | 0 comments

17 things
Feels so good! — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’ll keep on cheering others as much as I can.

Apr 27, 08:52AM PDT | 0 comments

Ofcourse I could be wrong, as I often am, but it is positively delicious food for thought.

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

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Here's another gem that only the Internet could produce:;-)

The site is both inspirational and practical. Inspirational because it gets you to think about aspects in your life you would like to change, and practical because people are willing to offer and proffer their suggestions/advice on where you can go from your aspiration.

There is a huge search button on the main page prompting you to input what you'd like to do with your life. You just add, and off you go!

Not quite sure why it's 43things, though. Maybe I don't have the patience to read the small detail on the site. Maybe that's an entry for me? to become more patient and more tech-savvy?;-)

Here's the

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