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Friday, August 26, 2005

Posthumous Treatment: Tribute to Amanda--Part I

R.I.P. Amanda Marais Posted by Picasa

The above is a small look at how Amanda's blog looked like. I thought it would not concern me as much, but for some strange reason, it does.

I cannot help wondering that those very insightful and interesting entries she wrote when she started blogging in July would just disappear into thin air.

Anyway, I rectified that -- to an extent -- by trying to, without being too morbid, feature some of what I think is her good writing. The last entry she wrote was about fellatio. Please find it below, as well as another sex-related one about fantasies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Some people asked me to spice up my blog a little. I gave it a serious thought and well, here is my first try to spice it up for my dear bloggers.

I decided to talk about oral sex. No guys, not about receiving but about giving oral sex. Fortunately, it is very easy to give a guy oral sex. Yes guys out there, it doesn’t cost us much sweat to please you. Otherwise, that’s something else :p

There is not much you need to know. Basically, put the penis in your mouth, move up and down until the desired effect (orgasm) is achieved. Still there are some things you should think about while you are giving oral sex to a guy. Very important, be careful of your teeth! Those are dangerous weapons once a penis is inside your mouth. And lucky us, a guy knows that too. So guys, think again the next time you try to shove that weenie deeper down your girl’s throat.

Second thing to keep in mind: What to do with your tongue? The tongue is a very important instrument when you are giving a guy head. Use it to stroke and massage his penis as it slips in and out, and tickle the head of his penis with it. Lick his balls, guys love that. Be creative. Guys are, on the most part, pretty perverted (no offence guys, but you are). So girls, don’t be held back by worrying a guy might think you are weird because you get a little creative.

Third tip I would like to give: Use your hands. Wet up his cock with your saliva and place your wet hand at the base of his penis, sliding it up and down to match the rhythm and direction that his penis is moving in and out of your mouth. Because most guys out there (and I know many are thinking now: how does she know!) are big porno watchers, to at least some degree, so having painted red nails is a good effect when doing this.

Last important thing I would like to talk about: The issue of ejaculation. What to do? Basically you have three options. You can swallow, spit or duck and let it fly (a very nice option). With swallowing, there isn’t much in the way of health concern because it is basically protein and water. The bad thing is that it doesn’t taste like candy. So if you don’t like the salty taste of sperm, choose option 2 or 3.

Next option is spitting. Basically he is still cumming inside your mouth and you will still taste it. But the good thing is you don’t have to swallow the slimy substance. But I think this option is pretty lame. IF you let him cum inside your mouth, you might as well swallow it down.

Last and very exciting option is duck and let it fly. This can be a lot of fun, but is also the messiest of them all. The guy may just jet his sperm onto his own stomach or cum on the girl, breasts are a popular choice (there is that porn film influence again). Or if he really fires at you, he may hit you in the eye, or get the wall or ceiling or might even hit your mother’s expensive vase which crashes on the floor after being hit by millions of sperms. It can be very interesting to see where it will end up.

Good luck to the girls out there, and feel free to let me know what option you like to choose.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fantasy and masturbation: a perfect match?

Sexual fantasies during masturbation. Why do we have them, how creative are we, and what are we embarrassed about?

Sexual fantasies are so fantastic because you can control it all! You can do and think whatever you want inside your mind. For example: I am walking on the streets and see a nice looking fellow I walk up to him and tell him that I think he is cute. He smiles and I ask him if he wants to come with me to that nice little hotel around the corner to have some fun.

Now THAT is fantasizing. I would never do that in real life, but inside your fantasy world, you conquer yourself, you are irresistible and everything goes the way YOU want it. The idea alone, that you dare to do something like that, is a major turn-on.

The most favourite fantasies are: Sex with somebody you love. Sex with a stranger. Sex with multiple partners from the other sex. Sex with a partner from the same sex. Something you would never do in real life and last but not least: Being forced or forcing somebody to sex.

But very important is that its not because you fantasize about it, that you want it to happen in real life! A person’s fantasies are 100% safe. So why do we fantasize about forced sex? I think there are two reasons for that. One is to control our fears. Even if it is a very scary fantasy, you still control what happens and what doesn’t, who it is …etc. You are in control. The second and most important reason is the scare effect you create with your fantasy. In a scary situation, our body responses: your hear starts beating faster, the adrenaline rushes through your body. And that is exactly the same thing which happens when you get turned on sexually. By taking yourself in your fantasy in a dangerous situation, you body reacts by releasing those chemical substances to get excited.

Men more often have dominant fantasies (where they force a woman to have sex ), women on the other hand have more submissive fantasies ( the so-called rape fantasies ). Both fantasies are serving the same cause: Giving you sexual power and irresistibility.

There isn’t a real difference between male and female fantasies. But you can say that men have less fantasy as women and also quicker use the help of visual aids like porn magazines or movies or pictures while women use their fantasy to make up stories with or without themselves as the main character. But don’t understand me wrong. There are also men out there who have a huge fantasy and women without a single drop of it.

Also younger girls use more romantic fantasies. While when they get more mature, they start to fantasize ‘harder’ and more ‘realistic’ during masturbation. But there are also young girls who fantasize the most pervert fantasies and mature ladies who still fantasize about a sunset on the beach with a knight on a horse.

And that’s where we come back to where we started: fantasizing is something YOU control, nobody does it for you. You choose you decide and most important: you enjoy…

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What do you think about the writing? Wasn't it good? That she was writing in a second language, don't you think her insights cuts across cultures?

Some food for thought...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Confronting the Death of a Blogger

I recently came across a very interesting blog written by a young lady, Amanda Marais, from Limburg, Belgium. She had written a post about fellatio and some sort of topic, which excited my interest. I wrote to her about that post, but she didn't reply.

Today, after almost a week away from the office and the computer, I check her website to update myself of the following only to find out that her blog has been deleted.

Computers are hardly predictable, so I hit "refresh" again, hoping that maybe when I come back later, it'll be fine.

But it won't. And it wasn't going to be.

Based on the links on her page, and a comment, I have discovered that this blogger, whom I hardly knew anything about--except by way of her entries--had been killed in a car accident.

I was, what, away for just one week! Like a flash, elle a volatilise! Cruel. Cruel. Cruel.

I think the following entry that I copied from one of her fellow bloggers encapsulates the absurdity of the situation:

candle in the wind- a tribute to Amanda

I often wonder about the lives of fellow bloggers. How do they look like? What do they do? Will we ever meet? And when we do, would we have things to talk about just like the lively interactions we have on our blogs?

Now I'll never know what it is like to meet Amanda, a fellow blogger who recently passed on from a car accident. Amanda, who only sometime ago, was vivaciously alive and blogging about lipsticks and mini-skirts. This must be some cruel joke right? I may not know her personally nor am I in that position to offer words of comfort to her family and friends but this piece of news still pricks and I feel undoubtedly, a sense of loss.

After reading this, we'll return to our daily grind. We'll turn up for work, meet up with friends and attend to all of life's demands. Slowly but surely, news of her passing will fade. It takes a death to knocks some sense into us and to remember to live well today and take ourselves a little less seriously. Afterall, it does not seem to take much to snuff the life out of a candle


I never knew you Amanda, and I almost felt miffed when you never responded to my comment, or my email. Little did I know that your time was almost up, and that such inane things were no longer going to matter.

I do hope you are in a perfect place now. God bless your soul.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This is Most Useful

Believe while others are doubting
Plan while others are playing
Study while others are sleeping
Decide while others are delaying
Prepare while others are daydreaming
Begin while others are procrastinating
Work while others are wishing
Save while others are wasting
Listen while others are talking
Smile others are pouting
Commend while others are criticizing
Persist while others are quitting.

Thanks to:

The URL is far too long, cos I was actually looking for the distinction between BLOGGING and WEBSITES when thia popped up in my radar screen.

Rather some mental pabulum:-)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

"Why I Will Never Have a Girlfriend"

men-women Posted by Picasa

Steady on.

I do have a significant other, but the title is in reference to this post here that I came across by another site. He uses a number of statistics, etc, and posits a very interesting statement, that is serious mental pabulum, or food for thought. He outlines three reasons for finding a "good" girlfriend:

First, the potential girlfriend must be approximately my age - let's say 21 plus or minus three or four years. Second, the girl must be beautiful (and I use that term all-encompassingly to refer to both inner and outer beauty). Third, she must also be reasonably intelligent - she doesn't have to be Mensa material, but the ability to carry on a witty, insightful argument would be nice. So there they are - three simple demands, which I'm sure everyone will agree are anything but unreasonable{...}

The gorgeous and very personable Alyssa de Jour has tips on "How to Impress a Woman", and has now categorised it under one heading.

Kewl:-) Go check it out.

The link I have provided above may be a starter for the originator of the post:-) Always a good idea to start with that when you want a good woman.

I'd like to hear what you think about the picture. Rocks!

Work beckons, so I'm feeling a bit whimsical...

Toodle pip...

Monday, August 01, 2005

One Year On

caption reads "men at work, slow down". Taken at airport residential area. Road from where car is coming leads directly into my Mum's uncle's residence where I was staying last year 31 July, 2004 Posted by Picasa

I arrived back in Ghana to this excellent job a year ago last Saturday.

I cannot believe that I've been working for a year.


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