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Friday, July 25, 2008

Deconstructing Taurus

Offlate, I haven't been myself: I've been sleepy, and dull. Three days ago, just before lunch, I went to our library, got two chairs on either side and stretched my long legs for what I thought would be forty winks. It was a long forty winks! Though I consider such naps to be good for the soul, and great power naps, when it gets to some 65 mins of dozing, it becomes a bit worrying.

The other day, I also found myself lamenting at the somewhat routine in my life: work-chores-more work. Not that I'm a perfectionist or anything, just that I work, because I have to. Though I went crazy over Joomla the other day, this week, well, I was feeling effing uninspired to work with it. I know there are days like this, hell, even days.

For me, it was too long a week. What really took the biscuit has been the soporific nature of my days. The weather's been cool--no complaints--but maybe the sun hasn't been strong enough to lift the spirits?

I managed to get the ring for my girlfriend--she wanted to thank me in a way that was more private than a hug in public!--but I guess that will come later. (No pun intended!!);-)

The inset picture claims Taureans--such as I am am being born on 26 April--are determined and peaceful. Also, we are supposed to be good at: banking, medecine, architecture, farming; building; education; and cooking.

I can tell you something for nothing: I do not excel in any of the above,neither have I contemplated getting into banking; medecine; or any of the above. These things are often hit-and-miss, and though I do believe there are elements that are eerily familiar (such as throat problems; being stubborn; and being determined and calm), I wouldn't stake my life on them these days. Everyone has their formula for success, and mine is certainly not on relying on astrology as a guide to my life. My girlfriend's a Gemini, and anecdotal evidence suggests we are the last couple to work.

I seriously beg to differ.

What do you think? How's your astrology today?

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Not to be Melo-Dramatic or Anything, But...

if I could reach higher, it would be great for me!...

Gloria Estefan - Reach Lyrics

Some dreams live on in time forever
those dreams, you want with all
your heart

and i'll do whatever it takes
follow through with the promise i made
put it all on the line
what i hoped for at last would be mine

if i could reach, higher
just for one moment touch the sky
from that one moment
in my life
i'm gonna be stronger
know that i've tried my
very best
i'd put my spirit to the test
if i could reach

some days are meant to be
those days we rise above
the stars

so i'll go the distance
this time
seeing more the higher i climb
that the more i believe
all the more that this
dream will be mine

if i could reach, higher
just for one moment touch
the sky
from that one moment in
my life
i'm gonna be stronger
know that i've tried my
very best
i'd put my spirit to the test
if i could reach

if i could reach, higher
just for one moment touch
the sky
from that one moment in
my life
i'm gonna be stronger
i'm gonna be so much stronger
yes i am
i put my spirit to the test

if i could reach, higher
if i could, if i could
if i could reach
reach, i'd reach, i'd reach
i'd reach, i'd reach so
much higher

be stronger

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging Paradox: Joomla & Stuff on My Mind

I've always had problems with beginnings--especially blog entries. Especially after it's been so long. Haven't died and come back, though you could say I have done just that. The absence was great in renewing myself, though I was around--busy in organisational meetings, and plenty of other meetings (and then some). Given my confusion, and it being a Friday, I thought I'd be a bit whimsical and start with a pretty face.

The pretty face is, of course, my girlfriend. She asked me to help teach her blogging the other day. I think we'd be too distracted if we started, so I'll have to re-think of a cunning strategy that will keep our hands off each other and onto the task at hand.

I exaggerate, of course.

Now that she's almost done with her exams in stenography, she's a lot happier than before, and she's doing a great deal of things she shouldn't be doing. She knows it will distract me, albeit in a welcome way. Still, I ought to give her a word about not looking at me so sexily and talking to me so sweetly. It just drives me to distraction.

Still, she's been giving me a lot of heat, too!

The other day, it was a few days of friction.

She was getting sleepless nights, getting all worried about my commitment to her. Commitment not that she does not believe I love her, but that I'm not showing the world how much she means to me.

It was great food-for-thought. It took me a few days to get the point, as I'm slow on those things. Thankfully, a work colleague who told me how great a couple we are and when the wedding bells were going to come said something that would prove to be a sweet irony: women need security and to show the world that you're not just in a relationship [for fun] but that you are serious about "protecting" them from anyone else. Ofcourse I paraphrase, but the essence is clear: I needed to show my significant other that to the world, she's mine;-)

For someone who abhors possessiveness, it was a bit of a shock, but I needed to bite the bullet. It's no marriage proposal, but just a wee something to let her know that that day will come, even if the folks have not yet seen her. It confirms to me also that I'm serious about her, and it strengthens, in turn, my resolve that I have sufficient confidence to "present" her to the folks.

Evidently, she was over-the-moon, and confessed to me that her sleepless nights are over. Still it's code-word for "don't be complacent", in my book.

The Novel
Speaking of which, I've bored everyone to death on this blog about that ever-elusive crime novel that's just almost written, but not quite. Thanks to my work with Sunday World as a columnist on Technology issues, I'm gaining the confidence to believe that I can transform what will be some 45-odd articles of around 1200 words on average into a book that can easily be published next year.

I frankly think it would be criminal not publishing next year. It would be five years since I established RegionsWatch--an initiative to look at global regional integration initiatives worldwide; and exactly a good 20 years since I started writing my journal! That means I have some -- actually, I do have some two boxes worth of journal writing. Great stuff for my future family to read I guess!;-)

Well, remember that work colleague I have a crush on? Well, it's over! The crush is no more! I got to spend some time with her during the busier periods last two weeks at our conference. She has a great personality, but I saw some things offlate--including how very human she can be when she gets mad--which I didn't expect of her that have led me to believe that well, I was a major woos to have thought she was the epitome of quasi-perfection! Plus the fact that she seems to snub my girlfriend (as if she's jealous of her or something, donno!), which I don't take kindly to...

JOOMLA!! That's the brilliant content management system I was introduced to some four weeks ago, and for which I have used both official and private hours to build my capacity on to get a new re-design of the organisation's website that is just so inspiring to work around. I tell you I can spend hours manipulating the system, what with its complex layer of SECTIONS, CATEGORIES and MODULES that all make for a wonderful user experience once you get the hang of it!

In so many ways, my work with Joomla is like a reflection of my need, desire, and whatnot to categorise and section my own life in the sense that getting it right is tantamount to getting it right in my own life.

As long as I don't get sectioned myself, I'm a happier man, these days!

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