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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back on 20th October

Feeling burned out. Currently in the green, lush, and touristic region of my country, located in the Central region, where I am here to attend the funeral of a relative.

But it is also a brilliant boon to the jaded. I am getting plenty of food for thought on life and death.

My blogging will be sporadic as I rest to return with vigour on the 20th of October.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Thus Ends My Suit Experience

With the closing of the ACP Conference, I duly go back to wearing shirt and trousers, leaving behind my trusted jacket, which lends me a smarter look.

I don't know about you, but I like my suit, and not just because I saw my Dad in it throughout my formative years, but because I have always felt that it in no way does it substitute your attitude and your mind.

For now, it's goodbye to the suit till we meet next time:-)

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The Strange Case of the Elusive President

Fact is: it is not so strange, and the Sudanese president as not as elusive as the title might suggest. Who can blame me, though, when I see someone reading a GHANAWEB article with bold headline "Al-Bashir Skips Town", and I ask for a copy?

As I freeze my behind in this excessively-cool air-conditioned PRESS CENTRE located in a tent adjacent to the press conference on the final day of the ongoing Sixth Session of the Brussels-based ACP Group, clearly, someone is feeling the heat!

It appears the only reason why Bashir was able to make his speech yesterday on Ghanaian soil has everything to do with the fact that the Sudanese president was assured by Ghanaian authorities that he would not be arrested, despite the fact that he was on the soil of an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT county.

I am suddenly reminded of Charles Taylor who was arrested by Nigerian authorities in 2006, not too far from Cameroun. It coincided with the witnessing by Ghanaians of the country's first solar eclipse in many decades.

Even the stars might have been mad at his blaze of gory in his home country of Liberia!

In that instance, too, Ghanaian authorities refused to arrest the man when he came to Ghana.

Do you smell a pattern of pusillanimity here, or simply a desire to maintain positive diplomatic relations-- something the late former Foreign Secretary of the UK Robin Cook called "constructive engagement"...

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Happy Birthday "Big Bro'" Fenix

Didn't I tell you? Fenix, our most caring and loving family pet dog, a beautiful golden retriever, is now older than me! He turns five dog years today, which would make him 35 human years!:-)

No longer will he demand that I puta leash on him before he goes for a walk. No longer will he jump excitedly when he sees his leash! No longer...!!

Oh but he will, 'cos he hates getting out of the gate <i>without</i> the darned thing!

Happy birthday, mate!
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