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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thank You!!....Managing Time; Mobile Browsing (WAP); Ghana at 50 years! all well-wishers. I particularly appreciated Daniel's suggestion of Milk of Magnesia; it certainly stopped the loose stool!;-)) And to those of you whom I don't know, thanks for lurking, but do please pin your name on the BRAVENET map to the right of the screen.

Oh, I'm trying to get my head round the new BETA blogger; I had resisted...up until last week, when I decided to transform all the blogs into beta-mode. Now the cogitation over what posts to put under what labels is pissing me off without end!! It basically means going through ALL the entries and sussing out what adequate labels they need to fit under!!


Apart from a number of "new" things, and re-formulating of old ones like the Basic Instinct series, I bought this book [Simplify Your Time by Marcia Ramsland] from a Christian bookshop last week; it's a fun read, and it would be even more fun if I made more time to read it consistently!;-)

Is the irony lost over you?;-)

Just to end, my humble country of Ghana will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee on 6 March, 2007. The country has set up a website to countdown the days leading to the big day of 6 March, our independence day, which you can find here:--> Ghana will have a number of foreign dignitaries coming in; Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general arrived in the country last night to much pomp and pageantry.

In short, Ghana, being the FIRST African country to have achieved independence from the British in 1957 (the same year--in fact 19 days later!-- when the European Economic Community was kick-started by way of the Treaty of Rome), is set to blaze the trail in the West African sub-region and the continent this year. A number of things lined up, apart from the 9th Summit of the African Union to be hosted here in Accra, the capital city, in June:

  1. uniform for taxi drivers

  2. re-denomination of the Ghanaian currency, the cedi, into an equivalence to the US dollar

  3. introduction of ID cards into the country

  4. ...and much more!

  5. I have been currently enjoying very cheap and affordable mobile browsing on my phone on my ONETOUCH network, which is Ghana's semi-privatised national mobile/landline operator. There are fantastic wap sites on WAP, which you might want to check out if mobile browsing is all the rage...;-)

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Under the Weather

There I was thinking I was on top of the world for the New Year had started beautifully, when I go and...take some Chinese two days ago. It was one of those special Chinese dishes, with shrimps; slices of beef; and quarter chicken that I have taken many a time without problems.

Now, without wanting to apportion unnecessary blame to what I think might have been Chinese food, I have to add that when I unexpectedly threw up yesterday afternoon, it was a yellowish-orangish colour. Initially, I felt it to be the orange juice I had taken only an hour earlier, but in retrospect, I suspect that given that the Chinese food was that colour, I had found the culprit.

Whatever the case may be--food poisoning or whatnot--I have been seriously inhibited at work, spending almost the whole day yesterday secretly (and not-so-secretly) dosing. Today has been better, but that at least three people at work have asked me whether I'm feeling okay suggests that my face might not look as jolly as it usually does.

Last night I threw up five times. The human body is just incredible. I can see myself in my mind's eye totally powerless to do anything as my stomach just retched...consistently, and I passively complied to its innate order to retch;-)

The smell or sight of milk now makes me want to retch further, but thankfully, a good dose of hot water; cider vinegar and honey ordered for me by my parents last night when I couldn't eat has helped me stem any atavistic tendencies to throw up.

Too much, I'm sure! All simply underscoring the point that I am seriously under the weather:-(

Have a good weekend!

Incidentally, any tips on the best natural remedy for over-retched stomach?;-))

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year! (Only the Brits...)

It certainly has been a while, but I think it’s only right to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2007! May all of you readers, lurkers, and regular visitor’s dreams come to pass—as it should be. May ALL your proverbial dreams come true, and may this year herald the start of bigger and better things in your life!


All that being said, with this being my first day in the office officially, it will not surprise you to know that most of t he day will be spent checking emails, etc, and just really settling in after some two weeks from the office.


I thought I’d break open, as it were, the year with some nod-and-wink news from the British who could only come up with something like this: a survey on the male and female artistes we common folk would love to sleep with!. Here are the results:


Which male artist would you most like to sleep with?



Robbie Williams


Justin Timberlake




Shayne Ward


James Blunt


George Michael


Ozzy Osbourne


Pete Doherty


Liam Gallagher


Cliff Richard




A cakewalk for Robbie. David Bowie and Trent Reznor also received more than a handful of favourable mentions and even Man Utd's annoying show pony Christiano Ronaldo managed to get a vote. From his mum, probably.

Nocrophiliacs weren't well represented, with "Kurt Kobain When Alive!" and "Joey Ramone if he Wasn't Dead" each receiving a single vote.

Which female artist would you most like to sleep with?



Christina Aguilera








Girls Aloud (but not Nicola)












Congrats to Christina, topping the poll against some seriously stiff (titter) competition.

Also receiving a handful of votes were Kate Bush, Heidi from the Sugababes and Gwen Stefani.

I couldn’t help thinking “like we’re gonna die if we don’t know this news!”


A very happy new year, whilst you check the rest of the site out;-) (


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