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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

43 Things or Six Degrees of Separation in Mufti?

If you ever believe in the idea that we are all interconnected in some way through the number six, then you might find 43things (below) interesting. I finally found out that the 43 is about cheering that number of people who have registered on the site to do better in their goal of what they would like to do.

Here's an actual entry (minus the avatars, etc) from the site:

Entries from everyone:

41 things
Wow! — 2 days ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

It took a bit of figuring out. But I’ve given 286 cheers in total to 220 different people.

Jun 04, 03:53PM PDT | 0 comments

23 things
Good goal — 2 days ago
And if you believe in “what goes around comes around” or “karma” or whatever …. could be fruitful as well.

Jun 04, 12:46PM PDT | 3 comments

30 things
Don't Stop Now! — 5 days ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’m just getting started . . .

I’ll continue to CHEER on others when I see goals that I want to offer my support & cheer to . . .

Let’s ALL keep up the good work!

A Southern Belle’s Musings

Jun 01, 07:11PM PDT | 0 comments

43 things
as of today... — 3 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’ve given 450 cheers. Wow. And it feels really good.

May 14, 12:57AM PDT | 5 comments

33 things
Great Fun — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I think this is absolutely the best way to explore 43 things and see what other people are doing, encourage them and maybe even get some ideas for yourself!

Apr 27, 12:56PM PDT | 1 comment

33 things
Enough for now — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I will continue to use all my cheers but I think I’ll stop posting them and mark this goal as complete.

Apr 27, 12:55PM PDT | 0 comments

17 things
Feels so good! — 5 weeks ago
I have done this. Worth doing!

I’ll keep on cheering others as much as I can.

Apr 27, 08:52AM PDT | 0 comments

Ofcourse I could be wrong, as I often am, but it is positively delicious food for thought.


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