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Monday, March 27, 2006

Pleased to Meet You; Hope You Guessed My Name"--Part I

In the flurry of excitement, I want to plan this as meticulously as possible. I shall attempt to bring coverage of the eclipse live by way of yahoo through my mobile phone. Read on...

Suffice to say that the month of March has proved to be one of the most memorable for me in a long time, and not just because there is a sense of alliteration of "m"'s in this sentence (;-) but because of these two things:

First Internet on the mobile, or GPRS arrived commercially in my home country of Ghana on March 21, under one of the four mobile providers AREEBA GHANA. I can check my Yahoo Mail and whatnot at the (prohibitive yet reasonably) understandable rate of 6.5units/kilobytes from my mobile phone. For some strange reason, my SAGEM myx-7 has proved to access the GPRS service more easily than a NOKIA phone, which is the quasi-ubiquitous brand over here!

Secondly, in two days time -- March 29, 2006 -- Ghana will play host to the lunar eclipse. The last time it appeared in this country was, I understand in 1947.

Some people are using this opportunity to present themselves with eschatological prognostications--that is to say theories that herald the end of the world, saying that the darkness will unleash that we most fear--the devil.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name...-- indeed!

It's a good thing, unlike the Rolling Stones in the 1968 hit, I never have sympathy for the devil;-)

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