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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Deceptiveness of Appearances

--a view of my desk at work

So there I was two Friday nights ago, clad in my pyjamas, around 11.30pm when a car cruises by my house.


It was my two work colleagues. One male (head of programmes), and the other female (programme assistant). My parents cars were parked outside, so they had to be careful turning the steer rather sharply.


As soon as they got out, Fenix got out to bark at them. “Fenix, it’s okay”. Then he stopped.


I was invited out to a night-club, or something. I declined. Not when I was preparing to go to bed, and clad in my pyjamas.


No way!!


As a result of me having turned down an invitation to go indulge in some hedonism, I have now been derided as needing to “enjoy myself” since I am still young.


Young, cos out of the whole organization of 23, I am the second youngest. Everyone else is in their thirties, mid-thirties, or older.


SO I am accused, implicitly, of leading a boring life, cos, first of all, I do not wear casual clothes to work (I tend to wear blue/beige/grey shirt, or short-sleeve shirt, with black/blue-black trousers to work). In my last workplace, I was wearing a tie and suit, so imagine the names I got when I first came here in August 2004, where NO-ONE wore a tieJ.


Secondly, whilst there are cars at home,  I do not drive to work. I get driven by my parents, despite knowing how to drive.


Short answer to that is that, yes, I can drive, but since I don’t have a license, it’s not my priority


Finally, the perception is that though I am perceived to have “many girlfriends”, I am far from being a Romeo or a Don Juan. I am a one-woman man, despite occasionally thinking about old flames, which won’t amount to anything, I DO NOT have a wandering eye.


Maybe, I am considered rather vanilla? Too bad…


The truth of it is that I am a very dark horse, and I know my work colleagues are unaware of this blog, so I will write freely.


I am a VERY dark horse. I have a girlfriend, which they do not know of. I had sex only last week—on Valentine’s day, and it was one of the most explosive days so far. My significant other has professed her love for me, and I have done more than that…


Not to say that sex is the only thing that makes you have an exciting life. but I really do not think I have to go out and indulge in an act of public hedonism  and drink my guts out (I am tee-total) before having a good time.


I am meeting my gfriend next Saturday for an intimate hour if you might care to know…though I do not go out on Saturdays. Go figure that one out!!:-)


Oh, I maintain this blog, like to be there for my close friends; and like to keep a JOURNAL (which I have been maintaining for the past 18 years!!); as well as this blog…


Just a cautionary tale, I like to think, about appearances being deceptiveJ



At Sunday, February 26, 2006 7:29:00 am , Blogger Steph said...

Mr. Bensah, you are nuts! (and i know one person who'd agree!)

And i mean it in the best possible way :-)

Take care!

At Monday, February 27, 2006 9:47:00 am , Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

"you are never gonna survive unless you get a little crazy". So sang SEAL. I am nuts, indeed...but upon second reflection of this entry, I feel even nuttier:-(


I was fuming, and just had to let some feelings out:-))

At Monday, February 27, 2006 10:28:00 am , Blogger Steph said...

Great song by Seal!

But I really meant it well. Nuts is good!

(you know, madness to the method and all that...)


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