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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yahoo Answers: A Different Perspective


Ok. So sue me. I know I sound a bit like a PR person, and then again, I guess it’s in my blood.


I was like this when I opened a new account with ECOBANK ( last summer. I couldn’t stop telling people about it till they named me In-house  Manager of ECOBANK. Now, I am the guy they come to for information about that bank.


Right on!


Also, I love radio, and CITI FM ( has been a station I have been promoting, despite the many problems I may have with some of its editorial policies on censoring, and whatnot. People also come to me when they want to know something about that station, and surprisingly, I know about the history of the station like no-one’s business.


Good stuff.


Now, I have found Yahoo Answers, I can only encourage you to go check it out. It is very addictive. You get points for answering people’s questions, and LOSE points for asking too many. It’s incremental. The points that is.


Are you like that? DO you feel the need to do major PR for something when you find it works for you, or do you like to keep stumm…(sp??)


Here’s the link:;_ylt=AiD.WZ1T8X6HuRuEhjgUECKZzaIX?qid=1006022802902






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