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Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Blogday!!

Happy Blogday!!

I hadn’t even realized it, but Feb 7 this year was a year since I started blogging. Having come so late into the game, I meandered and ruminated unnecessarily over the utility of my input in the big, bad blogosphere.

I quite remember never being sure of what type of blog I wanted mine to be. Should it be a sex blog? No, I couldn’t certainly divulge the details of my non-existent sex-life; secondly, reflective blog? Introspection is sometimes a dangerous game when it comes to blogging. The subjectivity associated with it may be off-putting for some. How about political? I think it is sufficiently and excessively audience-specific that I may end up with fewer readers than anticipated.

So, it was that I would settle on a combination of all these!!:-) But not before taking a look at other blogs first. I re-call reading Laura Tooth’s blog, which I continue to read up to this day. That was the day when she was "Yellow curious". She was sexy, smart, witty; and indeed a "thinking pervert".

She still is.

You must check her blog out for the incisive comments she makes about sexuality. Her intelligence is literature-intelligence, so prepare yourself for some existential references to feminists I have never heard of, and pls, do check her links! She takes you into her world, screws you up mentally, and brings you back to reality through a different lens.

I re-call a few other blogs, like what is now, when it was The Unknown Naughty Girl. Gosh, Joey Madison is so sexy. She’s been wounded lately by a guy whom she loved, but seems to be recovering. Her posts reeked of sensuality, mixed with intelligence. After all, what is sex writing without intelligence?

Then came Daniel’s blog. His blog has gotta to be checked out. His candid style of writing, coupled with his worldview of life/this world—that is very consistent with mine—was one of the reasons why I continue to read his blog today. He approaches politics from a very different perspective that makes my political reporting sound very low-key. He rarely writes about love or sex, though he used to occasionally post porn pictures in his busier periods, but he is a guy who is as frank and candid as you can ever find. And honest, too. His research for his postings are enviable, and I am always green:-) In fact, I am trying to do more research for my posts too, but am doing a woeful job, hence the periods of days without posting. Need to work more on that.

And there are so many more, whom you can find on my links on this page. And the very fact that they are there suggests there is something unique about them that I like. I like mine to be eccentric and eclectic.

But in all honesty, I thought there was something interesting about celebrating the birthday of a blog that I should touch on.

Like the celebration of birthdays, we celebrate the birthday of a blog so as to mark the continuity thereof. The birthday is important because it suggests that there will be continuity. By extension, this suggests that this continuity will manifest itself by a maturity in blog-writing. In other words, as you have clocked one year of awful writing, the second and subsequent years of blogging can be better-written and, frankly, far better than the previous year.

Finally, celebrating a birthday for a blog suggests, to me, that one is extending their personality to ways not seen heretofore. This means that the blog has now become a part of you and, just like your real birthday, you hope to improve upon it, and let it reflect more of your values…and, ultimately, you.

Maybe, I am all wrong, too. Send me some comments if you can:-)

Happy blogday to me!:-)


At Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:11:00 pm , Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

So glad I found you in the face of a racism on the internet.

Thanks for your kindness and keep on blogging!


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