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Monday, September 04, 2006

I Called my Ex- This Afternoon...

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...only to wish her a happy birthday in advance (it's on the 7th September). She sounded quite surprised and apparently happy to hear from me. She asked how my parents were; I asked how her daughter is.

The conversation was very brief. Even though I had vowed not to contact her (ever) again, her birthday falling a day after my brothers...was difficult to ignore, so I told myself I would eff it, as it were, and call her anyway.

I had butterflies, OMG!! Was it that smile she had over the phone? Even if she didn't have a boyfriend, I wouldn't have initiated anything else. That relationship (if that's what it was!!) was too energy-intensive in the sense that I put in too much, and I am not about to entertain any reconciliation.

Being the platitudionous "friends", where I can call here once in a while is fine by me!! I enjoy and relish my relationship with Sandra--and nothing is gonna change that, thankyou!

BTW, I no longer have a crush on my work colleague;-) She is still cute, but like I said, writing about that most assinine of sentiments was not just cathartic, but it helped me erase any vestige of infantile attitudes associated with my feelings for her, which are comprehensively platonic!;-))


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