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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Men--So you Wanna Travel?

So you Wanna Travel?
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Picture this.

You've known for two weeks you'll be travelling outside the capital.

You know that you'll leave during working hours, and you know you have to pack in advance.

If you're a female at my workplace, you'd have gathered your clothes for the number of days--and you'd be all-set at work, ready to go.

However, if you're like the four men among the one lady, you're likely to do the following:

  • come into work as normal

  • at lunchtime, wage an intrepid war through the battle of lunch-time traffic to go home and pack

  • eventually, leave for your destination after work, therefore arriving there far later than expected, leaving the woman hot, fuming, and frustrated.

  • Just goes to show: organisation and co-ordination has little to do with men's intelligence !


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