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Friday, August 25, 2006

That Funny Period in Brussels, in 2004: Psycho Woman?

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A few months before I arrived home in Ghana from Brussels, I had been conversing with a lady, one Verity, who was living on her own in an appartment in Brussels. I met her on Brussel's English Xpats site There's a classified's page there, Friends and Socialising, which people use to advertise themselves, have ego-boosts and whatnot, and meet new people:

Upon reflection, it's quite entertaining just reading people's requests for sexual encounters so liberally, and organising encounters that make your mind boggle.

More seriously, when I 'met' Verity, by way of webcam, I was stunned; she is drop-dead gorgeous, and apparently comes from a family with wealth, but there were issues, which caused some discomfiture in her life. Whateve it was, she didn't just want to meet up for a drink. She wanted more than that.

Her formula was: meet up; woo each other; sleep with each other, and bye-bye.

I desisted after a bit, totally uncomfortable. I actually felt I started developing feelings for her, which, oddly, pissed her off. Eventually, in one email, I lost it, and made a judgement call on her attitude. She was ready t o break up the arrangement.

Like a pathetic kid, I pleaded, remonstrated, texted her, etc. It just didn't work.

I left Brussels knowing a little more about myself, and wondering what would make some women feel they had to adopt this type of attitude in life. Had they been hurt before? What? So, if I'm reflecting and coming up with "psycho woman", can anyone really blame me?

have a good weekend--and sissoula!! take it easy!!;-)


At Wednesday, August 30, 2006 4:25:00 am , Blogger Hugo Denis said...

Nice blog you have here.


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