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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Over the weekend, I decided I would begin to cluster my life so as to simplify it. I arrived at a clustering of five:


I.                   My professional work

II.                 Writing my novel

III.              Blogging

IV.               ICT Journalists Association

V.                 RegionsWatch


My professional work is evident; that is HIGH priority, but the second one needs some time spending on. I have shelved the writing of my novel for some time now. I am creating a deadline so as to motivate me towards it. I said I would get published by April 2007—the year I turn 30. Very significant for me.


But I am also devolving a short story from my novel, which will be grim, dark, and very bad-guy-gets-away for a writer’s digest competition. Fingers crossed on that;-)


As for my blogging, considering I maintain quite a few (!), I need to sort my themes out so I can continue to update as regularly as possible, as well as try to produce more original and quality stuff. As my organization so likes to intone: qualitative vs quantitative ;-) Phew!


As for item#4, we’re trying to get an association set up for ICT journalists—and we said we’d do it by the end of the year. I set up a list-serv, but I have been posting sporadically—it’s time to backtrack and re-focus!

Regionswatch ( is a passion of mine. I could spend hours and days reading, studying, analyzing regional integration efforts. I did practical work on it—and continue to annoy those who subscribe to a list-serv I have on updates on anything from Chavez, Bolivia, Morales and MERCOSUR, NAFTA, to EU; ASEAN; ECOWAS.


Confused? You know when they say the world is increasingly growing into regional blocks, where the EU is trumpeted as the greatest exponent of regional integration, well, that’s it—in a nutshell ;-)


Well, this certainly has been cathartic! It would have been doubly so if I hadn’t had a VERY BAD CASE of a THROBBING headache almost the whole day today!!


Ouch and quadruple ouch!


Hope you are enjoying a stress and headache-free day!


Obi, my shout-out to you—will be down there sooner than I have been! Anchored Nomad: hope you  got my emlJ





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