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Monday, July 24, 2006

I lied. Aw: Money Matters and Subsidies

Regrettably, I couldn’t make time to blog.

Instead, I reacquainted myself with the utility of being able to take Ginkgold Max (, at a rather prohibitive price of €30.00!! You take it every day, and it helps with the nasty headaches that threaten to rear their heads when your face has been buried inside a computer screen for too long.

Here’s what is says on the website:

"Suggested Usage: For mental sharpness, memory & concentration Ginkgold improves mental sharpness, concentration, memory and cognitive activity. It also supports healthy circulation to the brain as well as the extremities. And, it maintains healthy blood vessel tone and reduces blood viscosity."

I’ve had headache-free days since I started taking it—despite any strenuous activity I do—and I think my brain has been the better for it.

I was horrified, though, this morning—make that mortified—to learn that I had exhausted my "health" subsidy, which enables me get re-funds for medicals at work. I stupidly and overzealously last week bought medical-related items, without first doing my regular shopping, hoping that once I got the re-fund I could go ahead and do my regular grocering, as it were. Instead, our accounts calls me this morning after I submit the receipts to say I have a limited amount. So, I’m only getting just under half of the amount I submitted!

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch!

Let’s just say that it being a tough month is going to be the under-statement of the month!

The up-side is that health is wealth and all that, so I just gotta trim some places to manage the month well—that is after I buy my darned prepaid electricity from the little half I will get from my medicals.

Not just not enough money for the month, but no more medical subsidies till 2007!

Triple ouch!!

A sharp and acerbic lesson—if ever I saw one, in how NOT to handle your finances!

Another big upside is that with the prohibitive-costing gingko, I won’t get a headache from thinking about managing this month’s finances!

The bright side is the ONLY way, no?

Oh, have you heard?

My Head of Programmes came in waving a sheet printed from the BBC website. He was wearing a huge grin, and muttering something which only registered later: World Trade Organisation talks have collapsed, which means no deals between the developing countries and the developed. The former played their cards on the farm subsidies that are hurting African industries. You can read the article here:



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