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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Watching Tony Blair, My Dinner Awaits!

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Tunisia, Mohamed Ghannouchi, has invited ALL participants of the UN WSIS to attend "a welcome ceremony followed by a reception" today from 6pm to 8pm at Palexpo le Kram.

This was the invite in the bags that everyone received upon registration the first day.

Ouch, my colleague has gone AWOL, so I am left alone trying to figure out which particular meeting to go. Flies, regrettably, abound in the area I'm's the toilets that are FAR too close for comfort! They could have used some breeze or something, cos it certainly sullies the area!

In any event, I watched Tony Blair at the Lord Mayor's banquet on BBC World yesterday evening. I taped most of it as I had to go out, but what I saw was quite funny. The script-writers must have been comedians. I found myself laughing at some of his cracks! Good stuff.

But then he went all serious later, and talked about the war on terror, globalisation's inevitability, and other foreign policy issues. I heard from the running commentary prior to the speech that Blair is thinking of how he will be viewed by historians, and right now he has to be in sync with Gordon Brown, chancellor of the Exchequer, but also his principal rival, as Brown is set to succeed him, according to the commentary from BBC, "next year by this time".


Later, when I caught the news, it was about how Brazil, India, China must do their best, alonside developing countries, to liberalise more trade, trade in services and whatnot.


I was SO bored. Same ole, same ole...And the World Bank has entered the fray, too. Pisses me off no end.

Anyway, look, I am looking forward to MORE social interaction, as it were. Who knows what can happen at a reception:-) Nudge nudge, wink, wink...

Fingers crossed!


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