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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Elation and Depression are Made of the Same Cloth

A Thought for the Day From Sri Eknath Easwaran



September 24


We must not wish anything other than what happens from moment

to moment, all the while, however, exercising ourselves in

goodness.  - Saint Catherine of Genoa



A tremendous amount of our vital energy is squandered in the

vacillations of the mind. If things go our way, we get elated;

if things do not go our way, we get depressed. Yet elation

and depression are made from the same cloth. It is when the

mind is getting elated that we need to be very vigilant,

because what goes up will inevitably come down. If, through

the practice of meditation and repetition of the mantram, we

can keep the mind calm when good things are coming our way,

then when bad things come, we won't be depressed. Our mind will

stay calm. Only then will we be free to be truly spontaneous

in our responses to life.




Eknath Easwaran, "Words to Live By" (Nilgiri Press, 1997)



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