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Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Woes: Smart Women? Smart Men!; UN-Bound

Smart Men!
Yesterday I saw my girlfriend off at the same place I saw her off last week. For a second, I was tempted to go to the place where I met that smart woman of last two weeks, and tell her that I just came to say "hi", and that I had just seen my significant other off.

I resisted the thought. It looked stupid, and wrong, because it was like I was trying to re-assure both myself and the lady that I wasn't going to try anything. If there is nothing at all, why the re-assurance?

I reckon that must be the smartest move I've made in a long time!


Yeah, so it's no secret that I want to work for the United Nations. Whether it's in the capacity as Communications officer, or Political officer, I'm still seriously unsure. What I am sure about is that there is a lot I need to do to get myself there! Last time I attended a "real" UN Conference was in Brussels--back in 2001--for the Third UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, which resulted in a statement I wrote here: the picture!--I'm the one to the right in the brown suit!)

I started off by editting my profile on Un Jobs. Last time I did that was in 2003, when United Nations Non-Governmental Liason Office had turned me down after having actually interviewed a much-ecstatic yours truly!! That was when I knew I had a chance.

Ofcourse, since then, I've become a de facto blogger and added a few other experiences on me, but I got to tell you I got stumped when, in the personal profile space, I was asked to put down "Achievements". As compared to my internship at the NGO I worked for in Brussels, I could not think of a single achievement I had chalked here!

Talk about ironic...

It was serious food for thought, however, into getting me to think what concrete things I have to do to ensure I can clock down something at least! Can it honestly be that bad--or is it that I'm under-estimating myself. These are details for me to work out, evidently, but the mind does surely boggle...

Either way, here's a sure list of "competencies" the UN would look for. A tall order---if ever I saw one!!:

• Demonstrated expertise in area of assignment;
• proven conceptual and analytical skills that lead to formulation of options and recommendations.
• In-depth understanding of and ability to evaluate international political situations.
• Good knowledge of the United Nations, especially its role in peacekeeping operations.
• Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills,
o including ability to prepare reports and conduct presentations by clearly formulating positions on issues, articulating options concisely, conveying maximum necessary information and defend difficult issues.
• Ability to plan and organize drafting work efficiently,
• also to organize large meetings in cooperation with diverse entities,
o including government officials, diplomats, representatives of NGOs, press corps and inter-governmental organizations, both within and outside the UN system.
• Excellent interpersonal skills,
o ability to listen and work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
• Judgment and initiative, imagination and resourcefulness;
• proven ability to operate with diplomacy and tact

I keep on asking myself: "how on Earth does one prove an ability to "operate with diplomacy and tact"?

Any takers?

Have a constructive and GREAT weekend, and while you're at it, here's a deeply reflective site ( you'll find very interesting;-)

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