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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You Women Can be Too Smart!

So there I was having seen my girlfriend off to her class when I decide to go and explore one of the shops in the area. I goi upstairs to this gift shop not too far from work--to meet face-to-face a youngish-looking woman, with short cropped hair, and alluring eyes.

We exchange smiles as we greet.

A cursory look would suggest that she's a bit older than me (you can tell by the neck!). Nonetheless, she's still rather cute, and I couldn't help holding the gaze a bit. I went not for the kill, but for what I came to look for: things to buy my women (my Mum and my girlfriend) for birthdays and christmas.

So, I asked her, and she recommended some things.

She is a very personable young woman, whom many guys would like to talk further to. I don't re-call seeing a ring, but I doubt she had one, even though I wouldn't be surprised that she were hooked.

As I was about to leave, she asked me my name.

"Emmanuel", I said, "let me give you my card". Opening my wallet, I whipped out my bank card sleeve, and took out my complimentary card. She contemporraneously gave me hers. You know, I don't even remember asking her her name, but now, upon checking, I see it. So now, I know her name.

As I left, she added, in the usual well-trained phrase: "hope to see you again..."

Then she quickly added with a smile: " a customer!"



At Monday, September 03, 2007 2:33:00 pm , Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Nice top she's got on...

At Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:51:00 pm , Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

yeah!! Naughty!!;-))


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