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Friday, June 15, 2007

What a Naughty Txt on a Boring Friday Can Do...

Despite the maelstrom that is about to engulf work from next week onwards, I am still experiencing a rather bad day. There was a weekly meeting, as per usual, and I'm compelled to produce some minutes, which I'm not really in the mood to do.

Yesterday, I was priviledged to be among two great minds in a radio discussion on African Union government. I ended up forgetting my SANYO dictaphone, with all the recordings at the studio, which plummetted my spirits seriously last night into some type of state where I couldn't sleep.

Perhaps in an attempt to quell the quietude, as it were, I found an excuse to send a naughty text message to my girlfriend. It simply said something along the lines of missing her, and wanting rather badly to be in her arms...and then some.

She failed to respond; but when I called, she cheekily said she was waiting for me to tell her in person. So I told her again, and she said something that goes straight into the entries of sex bloggers;-)

I can tell you: I enjoyed it very much!

The moral of the story?

When things are going down, just remember that it's the small things that make your day, and sometimes enlarge it in places where it shouldnt;-))

have a good weekend!

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