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Friday, March 04, 2005

Strangeness--all the way

So there I was sitting in an air-conditioned room of the {Tapa Tapa--so says Beenia man--he's the man is in town and CITI-FM is doing its best to regale him}Institute of Local Governance, near Madina and the famous "Redd Lobster" restaurant {you can see the ad on when the Minister of Information started talking to those invited by the Legal Resources Centre about the Right to Information Bill 2003, when I had a bit of epiphany.


I now know what they are--Ministries, Department, Agencies.


Anyway, yes, Little Kim was singing with Beenie (or is it Beanie?) Man on this track "Tapatapa", which actually is not its title. But hell, shoot me anyways...

Some thoughts that percolated--yet again--in my small mind as I listened participants from the workshop:

1. Am I a UN apologist? If I am, maybe I should set up a site:

2. I met Emmanuel Ohemeng at the workshop yesterday, but others remain elusive: Zelda Poku, to name but one, oh, and Albert Quarshiga whom I know only by name and over the phone. Met Richard Mensah last week at the IFIs meeting, and Joel Lamptey at our Press conference. But I have not met ALbert Q, goddammit!:-)

3. what is the value-added of

4. what about a diplomatichistory, or (a compilation of ALL my POL-211 reports {from Vesalius COllege, VUB, Brussels course}re-formulated, or re-worked for 2005??

5. ...and, or After a quotation to describe the "Big Twelve" during the French Revolution: "the greatest cloud-compellers the Earth never saw". I believe that's the quote.. let me check google...nothing so useful, but reference in history of French Rev is definintely there!

6. -- it speaks for itself

7. must start getting and digging into my YEATs. The "Second Coming" is at the top!!

8. and must try exploring, reading more about social is a good place to start!!

9. PR:"making the unnecessaary part of the necessary", which forms part of my worldview {RASKAL: Random Acts of Small Kindness}

10. on RegionsWatch:

b. Status report: RW One Year On
c. why such an absence of circa 10 months
d. start working in April --> on blogspot and STatus Report (GEO, etc...)

BTW, Togo, according to CITI Prime News at Midday (with Albert Q, and Sammy Adjei) will hold elections on 24 April??


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