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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Learning never stops...

SOmetimes work at the office can take on a kind of artifical reality in the sense that you think you are compelled to do something for which you are paid that means that if you are paid for just trawling the 'Net, then that becomes your daily routine...or just creating sub-sites, or whatnot.

Well, I disagree...

WOrking is also about consolidating what you know anad moving from what you knew little of to what you would like to know more of...

I just came across a great site -- The URL is actually The guide is a cool 92-pages read.

It'm going to be my next pet project. To master the best way possible that guide...

I had always been a budding journalist and if, as my site attests to, the closest I ever came to being a journalist were my diary entries.

I always think how many pages all the diaries I have written since I started in 1988, when Sam was alive and well, {and when we were living in 18 rue eekhout, 1900 overijse--as it was then instead of the now 3090 overijse} would comprise. Certainly more than 100 pages! I am thinking of hiring my future partner to type most of them up:-) Yeah, am serious!!!

But back to my point...I gotta be the person I so want to be...and that means learning everything and ANYTHING on how to become a better journalist...Writiing style has always been , to a certain extent, there as it were, but it needs polishing...I need an edge over most people: WRITING very well-cum-HTMLING very efficiently...that's certainly an "atout" as the French call I can capitalise on.

And now having met Mab_ face-to-face and knowing she's SO into public relations, I guess I'd like to capitalise on the knowledge so that we have PLENTY to talk about when we meet...



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