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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My paternal grandfather was a Pharmacist!

Just uncovered a website, where I realise the E.K.Bensah was too uncanny.

Ofcourse, that's a bit of lie, as Dad has told me "a maintes reprises" that O'Pop, as he was endearingly referred to, was a Pharmacist before he was elected as an M.P for Swedru during the first republic when Kwame Nkrumah became president:

Past Executives

Pharm William A. Hanson [1935]

Pharm J. E. Brown [1935]

Pharm Jonny Amarteifio [1942]

Pharm Johnny Hansen [1944]

Pharm G. O. Jones-Quartey [1948]

Pharm E. K. Bensah [1961]

Pharm B. E. D. Ofori-Atta [1965]

Pharm Victor Kofi Aidoo [1971]

Pharm Dr. K. Sarpong [1974]

Pharm Ago Simmonds [1975]

Pharm J. Pearce-Biney [1981]

Pharm K. A. Ohene-Manu [1983]

Pharm E. O. Gyamfi [1987]

Pharm Prof. K. Boakye-Yiadom [1993]

Pharm D. Anim-Addo [1993]

Pharm Dela C. Ashiabor [1997]

Pharm John K. Arthur [1999]

Pharm Oscar A. C. Bruce [2001]

from: Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

Here's their logo:


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