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Friday, May 04, 2007

What a Difference a Mayday Makes

Emboldened by what sissoula wrote about:

Turning 30 just kinda happens, but the other stuff won't, unless you make it happen.

I decided to use MayDay to do some serious reflection...mostly on the thriller I'm writing.

Over and above many scribblings, I realised that I need a strategy to write something about the chapters every day. I know Daniel has implored me to "write and write some more" after getting rid of the first re-write. To boot, I think it's important to note that that discipline of writing something is important for my novel, as much as my own reflective thinking on life around me.

With that thought-out, I decided to further create a character that would bring the whole plot, what with its deliberate twists and whatnot, to a thrilling climax. I realised that one of the murderers needed a criminal father who would be an instigator for the plot that has many sub-plots.

I have to confess that I was somewhat influenced by The Departed movie, which I reviewed rather strangely below.

Then again, we're all influenced by something in any creative venture we assume, so I guess I have little to worry about.

Have yourselves a great weekend!

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