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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ghana's Coming Home, but Brazil Stole Two "Goals"


The Brazilians played a relatively good game, but it was not, according to Barry Lambert the commentator, a Brazilian team that could not be beaten.


Ghana took more shots than the Brazilians, but the latter scored more.


That two goals were allowed by the Slovakian referee when the Brazilians were offside did not help matters for Ghana.


Check the Guardian’s comment:


44 mins: Brazil 2-0 Ghana Injustice! Lucio charged forward and fed Cafu down the right. He centred to Adriano, who tapped it home from a clearly offside position! Another scandalous decision in this increasingly farcical World Cup.



A lot of people maintain the “officiating was bad”. Others say execrable; others “racist”.


It’s not so much that this team lost, but more of a presaging of what is to come—that because of the potentially racist referees, Africa stands little chance of winning the world cup.


Some of our players missed huge ones—Asamoah Gyan being the biggest, having missed at least three, but Brazil scoring was no news. We were hoping we could have equalised. Oh well. Someone has to lose. We lost—not so lucky!


Till 2010!:-)


At Tuesday, June 27, 2006 6:58:00 pm , Blogger Steph said...

Ghana played well. Up until Adriano's goal (which was obviously off-side and should not have counted - though I don't know whether it was a mistake, or intentionally let to slip by), Ghana looked like it could equalize the score.

The second goal unfortunately came at a really bad moment, just before the break, and it was obvious that it would cripple both the chances and the morale of Ghana.

Overall, in all honesty, I think that Brazil was stronger, and it would probably have gone through even if Adriano's goal had been cancelled. But still, it was sad to see Ghana's chances blown away in such an injust manner.

Coming from Greece, a small country that recently conquered the European Cup (and never achieved anything worthwhile since then), I could relate with and feel for the sentiments the people of Ghana must have experienced.

Still, congratulations. You played well, you did the best you could, and I think you gained the admiration and respect of most people watching.

At Tuesday, June 27, 2006 7:01:00 pm , Blogger Steph said...

PS. But why two goals stolen? From what I saw, both Ronaldo's and Ze Roberto's were good, weren't they?

At Wednesday, June 28, 2006 1:23:00 pm , Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Hi Steph, those of us here trying to scrutinize every which way we could saw that Ghana played a far better game here than they did even with the US. In the US game, in my view, Ghana was rather slow, only picking up much later. To be fair, the US team dominated in the first half...


Ghana could have equalised--very true, but it appears increasingly that other than Asamoah-Gyan, the rather fast forward playing for Modena, Italy, our strikers were...non-existent. Essien, in my view, made little differenc; I am confident we would have had a similar score--even with him there...

I agree with you that Brazil had brawn--and exhibited a stronger and smarter style of play--and, yes, would have gone through because of that cheeky and smart goal by Ronaldo. That was cool; we found ourselves nodding in agreement--though muted--as the slickness of the goal-scoring.

That said, the offside goal being permitted was bad, and if you check the video I captured, you might see that the third goal by Ze Roberto looked very offside. Even the UK's Herald newspaper suggested it when they wrote this:

Gyan missed two decent second half chances before Ze Roberto ran through to round Kingson and grab Brazil's third six minutes from time. Now this time the little Brazilian did look off-side, which only made Africa smell a conspiracy

Thankyou for your kind words, Steph--and, oh, congratulations on the birth of your daughter!!!!!:-))

Ghana will be hosting the 26th African Cup of Nations in 2008. I really hope we carry the cup home like the Egyptians did on their home turf!! Ghana has won the African Cup of Nations four times in 8 appearances


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