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Monday, September 12, 2005

All I can say is "WTF??!?!"

Is this a cautionary tale of men being weary of bankers’ wives???






'Milkshake' killer gets life
01/09/2005 20:39  - (SA)  





Hong Kong - An American mother of three was jailed for life on Thursday after a Hong Kong jury found her guilty of murdering her high-flying banker husband, ending a sensational trial that captivated this Chinese city.

The five-man and two-woman jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict on Nancy Ann Kissel, who drugged her husband with a milkshake drink before bludgeoning him to death with a lead ornament.

Kissel, 41, had denied murdering Robert Peter Kissel, but had admitted killing him in what she claimed was self-defence in their luxury apartment in November 2003.

Kissel, dressed in black and looking gaunt in her wire rim glasses and tied-back brown hair, stood silent in the dock as Justice Michael Lunn passed the mandatory life sentence after the all-Chinese jury's seven-hours of deliberation.

Sex, violence, betrayal

The marathon three-month trial was one of the longest in the former British colony's legal history.

Its often-lurid revelations of sex, violence, betrayal and greed riveted this southern Chinese territory, where murders were rare within the wealthy expatriate community.

Nancy Kissel killed her husband after serving him a strawberry milkshake laced with a cocktail of sedatives.

She said she struck out when he attacked her with a baseball bat after telling her he wanted to divorce her and take away their three young children.

The court heard that the first blow didn't kill him, but when he regained composure and went for her again, Kissel brought the ornament down on him five times with such force that any one of the strikes could have killed him.

Brain fluid, blood

Expert medical witnesses said the blows had crushed his skull and damaged the brain tissue below. The jury heard that brain fluid and blood was found on bedclothes.

According to court testimony, afterwards, the confused murderer continued sleeping with her husband's corpse for several nights.

She eventually tied it up in a sleeping bag, rolled it in old carpets and had it dumped in a storage room.

Prosecutors claimed the model mother who played a leading civic role within Hong Kong's expatriate community had stood to gain up to $18m in insurance payouts from the Merril Lynch investment banker's death.

State of conflict

Prosecuting barrister Peter Chapman said driven by a passionate fling with an electrician in her native United States, Kissel had manufactured a state of conflict within her marriage that she used as an excuse for killing her husband.

Kissel's defence team, led by barrister Alexander King, painted Kissel as a loving, but long-suffering wife who had been subjected to regular violent attacks by a husband who abused cocaine and alcohol.

He said she was frequently forced to endure bouts of violent anal sex, which had left her injured and in pain.

King said after the fatal fight, Kissel had a "mental meltdown" and remembered little of events in the days after.


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