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Monday, April 11, 2005

Something about 2005 (from January 2005)

Tuesday 4 January, 2005 – TIME: 10.20am GMT

There is something about 2005 that makes me feel good. I don’t know whether it has to do with the fact that the word – or digit – 2005 is a “finite” number, lending credence to the idea that there is some target/objective to be met, or what, but it definitely feels good.

It certainly is no mean feat that we have got where we are by God’s good grace and his imparting of wisdom to us, but we must remember to keep the fire burning – as it were.

The fire that needs to keep burning is that of the passion with which we use to do our work, and bring more clarity to our lives.

But I am not here this morning in the office to do this. I am more interested in doing a bit of self-analysis whilst we all wait for K-net to beef up the server, etc.

I need to call the vet-- 0277.428.432 (Dr.Essel)—to find out what we can do about Fenix’s lump on the left-hand side of his body. He also has a few fleas, and annoying insects which were trying to burrow themselves into his body. I don’t doubt that there remain a few well-hidden ones, but I definitely intend to flush them out. The first step was yesterday evening when I applied some of the diluted dettol (roxoguard) on his body; it helps clear a lot of dirt that have hidden on his body. In so many ways (by way of parenthesis) Belgium was very good for him because of the contrast of the heat, etc…with the cold. Very good…

I think it is normal that we accept that there will occasionally be fleas – and it is even excellent news that there are so few – so that we work on attacking them from the outset, and ensure that we have a healthier, cleaner Fenix. –p-


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