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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Belgium Never Ceases to Amaze me: The Story of Drugs and Cows

Here's an article I came across from, which goes to confirm my impression that the criminally-minded are seriously in vogue in that Western European country.

Cows used as drugs couriers

21 March 2005

BRUSSELS – A large investigation is under way into how traffickers managed to smuggle drugs out of Belgium inside live cows.

On Monday, the Belgian website of broadcaster RTL reported that traffickers had been hiding drugs in the uteruses of cattle.

The cows were taken to Spain and France where the drugs were extracted before the animals went to slaughter.

The public prosecutor’s office confirmed that police were carrying out further inquiries into the matter in the regions of Wetteren and Termonde.

However, the judicial authorities declined to make any further comment.

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Ok, so crime is endemic in any country, so I guess I'll stop my finger-pointing, but when you have people like Dutroux, the notorious paedophile, getting away with what he did from the mid-80s to 1996 when Julie and Melissa were found in a dungeon of his several kilometres away from the outskirts of Brussels, then it makes you wonder...

Some light relief: here's a picture of a Proximus ad on that I captured, and editted very slightly:

captured from a Macromedia Flash Proximus ad Posted by Hello


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