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"Think of these three things: whence you came, where you are going, and to whom you must account"--Benjamin Franklin

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Me, Me, Me!!!!!

Music playing on CITI-FM97.3: independent women?? from Charlie's Angel's soundtrack...(Destiny's CHild) "Question:..."

Interesting food for thought:

"it’s an article of faith that people no longer want to read books; they just want to write them. The old adage that everyone has a novel in them is being tested as never before, only this novel has turned out to be autobiographical. From television to the Internet, the confessional is rapidly becoming the de facto mode of expression. Everyone, it seems, wants to be heard. Responding to the spirit of the times, BlackBook invited a cross- section of the blazing talents and intellects in the culture to tear a page or two from their diaries or journals and give them to us: the result is a glimpse into the daily lives, concerns, and obsessions of some of the people who shape our world"


Am I psychic or what. Don't I re-call discussing this very . AT least attempting to dissect the --there's that word again!--solipsism around blogging.

I don't why I am over-using that word, but seems the most appropriate...


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