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Monday, April 18, 2005

On Muscles and my Not-So-Final Repose

For once in a not very long time, I spent the weekend in Accra. Okay, Mum and Dad were here this time, and so I got to spend a lot of time clearing my useless junk of ICDA-related stuff that I had been hording like an eager beaver.

What is it with me and old books and files? I even saw a letter I had written to many on-line friends when I discovered the 'Net in 1996 at Vesalius College, Belgium. There was one from an Australian psychologist who was the age I am now, wondering why a guy like me doesn't have a girlfriend...

I wonder...

How things change, eh??

So, the stuff went ouside for the garbage collectors to come take this morning. It was a sight to behold. Boxes with my name written all over in code, along with the strange concatenation of roman numerals: "Emm's stuff xxiv.vii.mmiv" for example--just to show that I KNEW my Roman numerals.

Like anyone gives a shit...but hey, sue me!

Out with the old--in with the new.

The new being me trying to look good -- not just for G__, but also for myself. I have decided to turn my backyard into an exercise area. A huge heavy stone becomes my weight lifts; the crates in which stuff from Belgium were put in becomes the perfect thing, because the space between the grass becomes the PERFECT space for my big feet to lock themselves so that I can do some SERIOUS sit-ups.

I did twenty today. Fan-tastic It felt good. Pity I had to tie Fenix up in order to achieve my feat. No pun intended. Having him jump all over me whilst I am concentrating on exercise is not my idea of a constructive exercising time--as much as I love him to bits:-) He was left to have me shout at him to stop barking like a spoilt kid. He obeyed...

After that delectable bit, I proceeded to skip. Twenty, too. Rock on!! Rock on!!

I was heavily inspired by a website I visited last Friday just before I left the office: I was left so envious by the size of those muscles, which I knew many a woman would be drooling over. I aspire to have big muscles...some day.

Anyone for flying pigs?

In fact I used to have quite big muscles, on account of the fact that I was {hell, blogger, you lost my friggin post!!)lifting first six, then eight-kg weights every morning for a period of over six months.

Then something happened.

I suddenely needed to find a job in serious haste. My stomach began growing bigger, coupled with the fact that at work, I was spending many hours in front of a computer, plus changing a page here, designing a page there; writing a report over there...and about to move!!

Hell, move, too! I have an audio cassette (I'm a bit of an audio journal freak!) of the last day at ICDA Secretariat, when I became rather instrumental in helping the small organisation move from the heart of the city, where the European institutions are located, to the Belgacom area, near the red-light district area in City 2:.

Belgians love to call this "la ville dans la ville", or the city in town--to provide a rough translation (Boulevard Adolf Max).

Anyway, that day in June 2004, when I recorded the highs and lows of the day on cassette was interesting--if not for the name I called the K7: "E.K.Bensah's Final ICDA Repose". It was more of a nod and wink to an X-Files episode, which generations have hailed as manna from the writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, who wrote some of the nmost cerebral X-files episodes.

I decided against "E.K.Bensah's Final Repose". Pretty spooky for a guy EIGHT days away from his 28th birthday.

I'm too young to die!


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