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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Film to Watch--"Crash" (Paul Haggis)

Having been inspired, after having read Elsbro's entry on "Crash" here, I decided to check out the page of the film here. Check out IMDB's user comments here.

1. In a real city, you know, you brush past people. People bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you...we're always behind this muddling glass...

2. you going to...that bullet that came through that window?

3. What's wrong, you alright?

4. I am angry ALL the time, and I don't know why!

5. Will you just do as he says?

6. Do you have any guns, or knives...?

7. It's his brother's file--kid's going away for life for stealing {a} car...

8. When you find your brother...

9. why do you keep everybody at a certain distance?

10. what I need is a husband who will not just STAND there!!

11. what did you want me to do--get us both shot?!

12. I just had a gun POINTED in my face, and it was MY fault because I KNEW it was gonna happen!!


14. Daddy!

15. Honey, stay inside!

16. Get back!

17. You think you know who you are, you have no idea

18. You had a conversation with God, huh, what did God say?

19. I'm trying to help you...

20. I didn't ask for your help did I?

21. It's okay Daddy, I'll protect you.

22. "It's about the touch; I think we miss that touch so much...that we crash into each other just so we can feel something"

23. Is something else funny?

24. People, man, people.

All these lines from the trailer are enough to generate mini-essays on their own.

Some day, I will come back to them.

For now, my burning desire is to get "CRASH" on DVD.


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