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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Driven to Distraction: I Passed!

On Monday night, I passed not the comprehensive one (still some way to go), but the theory necessary to move over to the practicals, which I started yesterday evening.

The questions combined multiple choice and ones that needed more elaboration. Here are some of the questions and a few answers:

1. what causes difficulty steering? (under-inflated/over-inflated tires, etc...)
2. when brakes are inefficient due to over-heating, what is it called? (brake fading/brake sponging/brake failure)
3. what is the driving speed limit in town (50km/h)
4. first and second gears are called "bottom gears" (true / false) [it's true!!]
5.  what is first aid? initial help given by driver in an accident before arrival of medical personnel
6. what is the procedure for using a fire extinguisher? (P.A.S.S.)
7. what is the road drill? (look left, right, left again and proceed checking for oncoming traffic)
8. what are gears used for? (moving in traffic; stopping; changing gear; slowing down in traffic)
9. what are driving procedures? there are a BLOODY ten procedures, which include: checking whether handbrake is fully on; seat in proper position; gear in neutral position; foot depressed on clutch and accelerator ready to drive off, etc...)

I go into day 2 of driving for one hour today! Looking forward to it! Yesterday, drove for an hour on roads that enabled me speed up to the third and fourth gear; move slowly and stop in traffic.

Fingers crossed for the subsequent five weeks of driving;-)



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